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How Important Are Keyword Rankings?

If you run a small business and have a web presence, you’ve undoubtedly heard of SEO and the importance of getting to the top of Google. As with many things in marketing, it’s true, but it’s not the whole story. Let’s get into a little more detail about keyword rankings and how much they really mean, so we can clear the air of a lot of unfortunate misconceptions.

Ranking for the right phrases

When you’re deciding on a list of keywords and key phrases you’d like to rank for, it’s important to be brutally honest about what is relevant and achievable. Getting top ranks for a phrase that isn’t really relevant is a waste of time and money, since the people searching with that phrase aren’t looking for what you’re offering. On the other end of the scale, trying to rank for an impossibly difficult phrase will mean a lot of money down the drain. Take advantage of Google’s keyword planner tool when you’re making decisions - it offers information on search volume as well as suggestions for relevant key phrases.

Focus on the end goal

Top rankings are great, but why do you actually want them? To get more traffic, which will ultimately (you hope) lead to more sales. These should be the real metrics you judge your campaign by. So if you find that you’ve managed to improve your rankings, but your traffic hasn’t changed at all, it’s time to start questioning whether the key phrases you’ve been focussing on are right for your business.

Similarly, if you get a lot of traffic as a result of good rankings, but you never make any sales, part of the problem could be that the traffic you’re getting isn’t actually looking for what you sell. Rankings are all well and good, but they only tell part of the story in this case.

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