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Seasonal Business, Seasonal Marketing?

A lot of businesses see a strong seasonal pattern in traffic and business that plays out over the year. For some, this pattern is stark - businesses that see all their traffic in specific months and very little over the rest of the year. For others, there’s more of a gentle fluctuation in traffic that plays out as a smooth series of curves on a chart.

One question that weighs on the mind of all such business owners, however, is this - am I wasting money on marketing during these quiet months? Let’s examine that question and see whether we can find some answers.

Am I Paying Money to Advertise to Uninterested People?

This is a valid question that business owners should be asking regularly. However, when it comes to seasonal businesses specifically, it’s not necessarily the case that your target market becomes “uninterested” when the season passes. They may not be looking to buy right then, but they will have need of your product again in the future.

Think of how global brands advertise themselves. They don’t just advertise when you’re on the point of buying - they do it year round, in every space they can find. This raises their brand awareness, meaning that when you do get around to needing the service they provide, their name is at the forefront of your mind. Consider whether your business could benefit from the same level of brand awareness by advertising during the quiet months.

Should I Cut Back During Quieter Months?

Whilst advising businesses not to stop marketing themselves entirely during the quiet times, we do however tend to recommend that they step back from some activities. Some marketing activities are only really effective if maintained properly - if you’re running an SEO campaign, for example, it’s best to keep on top of this year-round. If you let your site slip, you may find it very tough to bring it back in time for your busier months.

With activities like PPC, however, it can advisable to cut back. Since you pay for every click, you’ll want to make sure that those clicks have the highest chance of converting into sales. During quieter months, users are less likely to buy, and so you may be paying for clicks that have a much lower chance of converting. As always, let data be your guide. If your PPC campaign still delivers consistent results during quiet months, it’d be foolish to cut it off.

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