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Digital Strategy and Planning

Digital strategy and planning is essential for businesses looking to carry out a new website design, development or digital marketing campaign. Without proper planning and co-ordination between all involved the campaign will struggle to be successful!

At BrightRED our team have been planning and implementing digital projects for over 10 years, we have bags of experience with business across a huge range of sectors.

We see ourselves as strong digital strategists, planning bespoke website projects and website management solutions where required.

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The importance of having a digital strategy


Without strategy, you cannot have results and without results, well… why even bother?

Having a digital strategy for any marketing or design project is so important. We have worked on hundreds of digital projects, all with their own unique plan and concepts and this is the element that we always refer back to.

As a client you are always able to monitor progress and activity if a digital strategy is in place, you can review how successful the project has actually been and what the implications were for your business.

Whether you are changing your website, implementing a new maintenance strategy or carrying out a fully-fledged marketing campaign you need a plan of action, something that outlines the core objectives and ensures that we are on the same page.

We love seeing results for our clients and using our digital strategy and planning we are really able to showcase these.

What we can offer your business

  • Bespoke planning

    As will all of our services, our strategy planning is bespoke to your company. We spend a lot of time with you at the beginning of the project, detailing your exact requirements and understanding how your business works enables us to create a truly unique plan for you.

  • Website audits

    We can’t solve the problem without addressing it, we must first understand what doesn’t work well about your current website – and not just from your perspective. User testing and site technical reports enables us to highlight the current barriers you are facing.

  • Monthly meetings

    Once the plan has been created we don’t disappear. We meet with you monthly (or however often is required) to talk through the progress and what results we are seeing. We have fantastic, honest, relationships with all of our clients which enables us to really help their business.

  • Digital strategy consultancy

    Do you just need some guidance? Our team are able to make suggestions based on your current campaign, perhaps it doesn’t need a complete overhaul but just a few minor tweaks here and there – we can help.

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Do you need advice on digital strategy?

If you need some guidance on how to create or implement a digital strategy you are not alone, we have worked with hundreds of clients, helping them to improve their online presence.

Whatever project you have in mind, from website design and development through to website maintenance and hosting solutions our team are on hand to give you the advice you need.

To speak to one of our digital strategy experts contact us by calling 01772 978 927 or email us at and we will arrange an appointment to come and see you, or for you to come and visit us at our offices on Preston docks.