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ADL Executive Cars

A Bespoke CRM system / Web Application, built to optimise the processes within the business.

The challenge

ADL Executive cars are a corporate chauffeur business for the UK. From taking celebrities to the stage to hiring them for your wedding day to get you there in style. Our services were first recommended to ADL by a previous client who we had worked with before.

Dave approached us with a problem with his current web application, the app he used to book jobs and monitor mileage wasn’t working properly, the application was hard to manage and wasn’t user friendly, this made the jobs he was booking into his system difficult to manage and the system complicated to use. This left them using lots of spreadsheets and a very busy calendar.

Our solution

We created a new version of the web app based on very solid framework, which would work great alongside the business. The features we have created within the application, look and work great and will potentially allow him to grow his business and expand into different areas of the UK.

Their new application now enables ADL Executive Cars to:

  • To help manage bookings and appointments
  • The ability to manage drivers, cars and clients via the web app interface.
  • Easily accessible by the web browser on desktop or on a handheld device.

The outcome

  • The application now syncs with google calendars which means all driver’s appointments are in one place.
  • The app is fully responsive for mobile as his drivers are always on the go.
  • The in application reporting now helps them to convert more leads as the new system now allows them to monitor enquiries and customers more closely.
  • The application also uses Google API to calculate the distance between start point and end point which enables the app to calculate the price of a journey based on how many miles travelled.

ADL Executive Cars
ADL Executive Cars