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Group 55

Group 55 are parent company of luxury pet brands; Animology, Strike Back and Dog Star.

The challenge

Group 55 are a parent company of a series of international luxury pet brands including; Animology, Strike Back and Dog Star. All three e-commerce brands showcase high quality pet products which are distributed around the world.

Our job was to update the design of their current website and to create a different look to reflect their professional online presence of the parent company. Group 55’s website should reflect the professional work and the high quality products which their e-commerce sites sell.

Our solution

The LAB(rador) Report

We began by selecting a platform which would be suitable for both customers and for the admin, based on their current audience and who they wanted to attract. It was an important factor that we ensured we research their market and their current and prospective competitors to establish where in the market Group55 were. The site then began the design process and content was created for the website so the design of the site matched the ethos and branding of the company seamlessly.

We wanted to update the website’s look and feel, so we converted the website to a modern and user friendly site platform for both customer and admin. We added an easy to use content management, as previously there was no specific content management system on site which made the website difficult to update for the site owners.

The outcome

A New LEASH of Life

The end product? A slick and responsive website which now matches the authority of the brand and reflects their professional presence as they wanted to be perceived online. The site was created on WordPress which meant from a usability perspective for admin it is easy to use on the back-end but also easy to navigate for a customer who visits the website, the site is also a lot faster than previously. As a result of the site being redesigned and rebuilt, the company have experienced an increase in their conversion rate on their 3 ecommerce sites and have achieved a more professional high profile online, Group55 are now being recognised as the industry professionals they are.

Group 55
Group 55

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Shaun Warrington