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Hewitt Cycles

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The challenge

Be Spoke Styles

Hewitt Cycles are best known for their outstanding reputation, their association with some of the biggest names in cycling and their specialist road cycle shop. There was just one thing missing from their business, an ecommerce website!

The original website was tired and slow and not only that but the site had not done a single sale on site since it was launched.

Our solution

The Website Was Two Tyred.

When an existing client of BrightRED’s recommended that Hewitt Cycles should work with us, we took the chance to work with a leading brand in the cycling industry. The main aim was to make sure that their new site worked alongside their EPOS system.

Now offers both easy and safe usability for customers and from an admin point of view works perfectly.

The outcome

The New Site is All Geared Up

The site runs on OpenCart and works alongside the customers EPOS system as they requested. Not only do both systems work together but we now work the system so that all stock and payments are synchronised, from customers registering for an account, to reserving a bike online and collecting it in store. The admin user will not need to update the stock levels as now Hewitt’s new system does this for them, easy!

The finished site is a perfect fit for Hewitt Cycles and now shows them off as the specialists they are. The site now takes in thousands of pounds a week and has made a huge amount of profit since the site was launched.

Hewitt Cycles
Hewitt Cycles

"Bright Red have introduced us to new revenue streams that we haven't been able to make work before."

Paul Hewitt - Hewitt Cycles