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The challenge

An Electrical Company To Get Amped Up About

An electrical contracting company who are made up of a team of professional engineers who work Nationwide in the domestic market needed to increase their commercial customer base and a site to show how much the team and the business has grown. Their current site was dated and slow and due to the site being difficult to maintain, it meant that the site had not been updated in a long time which gave customers the wrong impression when on site.

Our solution

Watt Did They Need?

IPH wanted to attract a larger business client base and somewhere they were able to spread the news about their business and show off how the company has grown since their first website. For their domestic and commercial clients they needed a credibility checking tool so their customers could learn more about the quality of work that IPH do.

Their new website now looks much different and has a contemporary and clean look which has resulted in the site being user friendly.

The outcome

Their Current Website Now IPH’s new WordPress site is a fully optimised and responsive website and now portrays just how great the company is and how far they have come. IPH were introduced to BrightRED by a current client, who had recommended that IPH work with us as we work closely with the funding scheme at Pennine Lancashire who qualified IPH as a B2B innovation. The funding we helped IPH to source was awarded and assisted the build of their website. IPH were delighted with their new professional website, just after the site had gone live a commercial business got in touch with IPH and said they chose to use their electrical company over other businesses because of the high quality of their website.

IPH Electrical
IPH Electrical

The funding we helped IPH to source was awarded and assisted the build of their website.