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Six Websites, Four Languages, ERP Integration and Amazon S3, Our most complex and powerful setup to date.

The challenge

Rok fulfilment who are based in Jersey, are a major seller of electronic consumables throughout Europe. They run a series of e-commerce stores and 3rd party marketplaces dealing in high volumes of individual items. This is a complex setup featuring an ERP system, several warehouses in different locations, and sites supporting multi language and multi currency.

The legacy codebase was inherited when the business was bought several years ago, and was becoming unmaintainable with todays modern standards and conventions. The desire was to move to something which could be run on the Amazon S3 platform, with a modern codebase which could be rapidly scaled for the future.

Our solution

Open Cart was our platform of choice in this instance, allowing for a final site that was heavily customised to work with the existing ERP system, and complex stock setup to minimise the risk of an item being oversold with all items being available from different locations.

The site features a number of custom features including ERP connector scripts, customisation for complex shipping calculations and quotations, product filtering, landing pages for email campaigns and a variety of custom price features allowing for very custom offers and pricing controls using a Excel upload/download feature.

The outcome

Since the sites have gone live, we have worked with the team at Rok to ensure minimal disruption during the switchover, the entire platform is under version control and has a release process to ensure that all work is documented and in the event of an problem it can be rolled back to the previous version.

The sites have moved from an old version of the server environment, and been released onto the Amazon S3 platform which has huge scalability and robustness to autoscale in the event of high traffic. This is now an ongoing project with huge plans for growth over the coming years when all the other elements of the system are in place. The front end e-commerce shops include:


"For the size of business we are, this is a very complex setup. Jonathan and his team have taken the time to understand how we work currently and how we want to work, and impliment systems and recommendations that have the minimal pain in moving and best long term scalability for where we want to be in the years to come."

Gary Martin - Rok Fulfilment